Our Team

GET SMART Team 3556

We are the Columbia County FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3556, better known as GET SMART.  Now in our seventh year, we are an established FRC team.  Every year we are given a different game by FIRST Robotics and have to design a robot to meet the criteria set each year. The money we accumulate throughout this season is used for essential robot parts, equipment, and competition travel expenses. By working with FIRST Robotics, we are giving students an opportunity to explore future STEM careers and gain knowledge within the STEM field while working with awesome robots.

Columbia High School

Columbia High School is located in the small, rural community of Lake City, Florida.  Beginning in 1888, CHS was located in downtown Lake City. CHS is also home to career academies that give students the opportunity to gain certification in various areas before they graduate from high school.  A few of these are the Academy of Culinary Arts, Academy of Criminal Justice, Academy of Entrepreneurship, Academy of Global Logistics and Warehouse Management, the Academy of Graphic Arts and Design, and the Academy of Engineering Technology.



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