Retired Agents

Featured Retired Agents

Hayley Lewis556695_4678132997874_123711975_n

Agent Lewis joined the team in 2011 and graduated in 2013. Her ambition to learn more about space took her to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Tragedy struck Lewis in the summer of 2014 while in the field. An ATV accident left her with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and caused her to return to the team in 2015 where she was showered with support from the FIRST community. After a year of recovery Lewis is back at Embry Riddle studying Commercial Space Operations.

Brayden Thomas


Agent Thomas has taken to the skies since his departure. His passion for STEM led him to majoring in Aerospace Engineering at the US Air Force Academy. You may know Agent Thomas from his submission in the 2014 Extreme Redesign Challenge; The FANTASTAKICK was featured in classrooms across the world. On the weekends, Agent Thomas can be seen kicking for the Air Force Academy’s football games.

Bryce McCarthy


Agent McCarthy was one of the first people to drive a robot on our team and that doesn’t even compare to his recent accomplishments. FIRST inspired Agent McCarthy to major in STEM. After leaving the team, McCarthy took the University of South Florida by storm where he obtained a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering. He is currently seeking to obtain a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Soon he’ll be known as Doctor Agent McCarthy. A fitting title.

Other notable retired agents include:

  • Alexis A.
  • JonElliot A.
  • Mackenzie B.
  • Ezra B.
  • Rachel B.
  • Joe B.
  • Manuel C.
  • Theo C.
  • Joseph C.
  • Dustin C.
  • Carlos D.
  • Jiamei D.
  • Dugan D.
  • Timothy D.
  • Chandler D.
  • Allison D.
  • Josiel E.
  • Zachary E.
  • Adrian F.
  • Shelbi F.
  • Michael G.
  • Chelsey H.
  • Bradley H.
  • Michael H.
  • Russel H.
  • Timothy J.
  • Andrew J.
  • Karl J.
  • Carson K.
  • Justin K.
  • Hyejin K.
  • Yufan L.
  • Mikayla L.
  • Colin M.
  • Virginia M.
  • Bryce M.
  • Andrew M.
  • Chris N.
  • Andrew N.
  • Micheala P.
  • Phillip P.
  • Priyanka P.
  • Megha P.
  • Sarah R.
  • Alex R.
  • Mohammed R.
  • Jacob S.
  • Cody S.
  • Ryan S.
  • Jacob S.
  • Brayden T.
  • Ashlin T.
  • Brandon T.
  • Christian W.
  • Corrie Y.
  • Jiabin Z.
  • Christian Z.
  • Shawn Z.

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