CAD Team Update

This is the first year FRC Team 3556 has a completed robot drawn in our Computer Aided Design Software (CAD). This is a very exciting year for our team as we have never had a robot virtually drawn for geometrical graphing and modeling.  This year our team was split into three main Sub-teams: Climbing Arm, Dumping Frisbees, and Chassis teams. We had one main CAD Member who went to each team and gathered information on how each mechanism was going to work as well as specific measurements for the drawing.

Photo Feb 14, 7 33 55 PM

Electrical Team Update

Electrical has been working rigorously around other sub-teams, mounting the electronics to the control board. Wiring is always determined by the location of other sub teams and it is our job to find a way to get power to their motors.  Today we have finally finished mounting all of the Victor motor controllers, the sidecar, the D-link, mini CRIo, power Distribution board, and Relays.  We now have a Robot that can go to competition and drive around and by the end of the week hope to be completely finished wiring the Arm mechanism as well as the Dumper mechanisms.


Dumper Team Update

One of our dumper’s major problems is that our worm box is not outputting enough torque.  What we have done is taken it apart and cleaned it off. After we put it back together it started functioning properly. Now we are working on wiring the entire dumper mechanism and attaching it to the drive train. We are going with feeding the wires through an igus slide and attaching that to the outside arm.IMG_2142

Arm Team Update

Climbing team has been changing the placement of one of our arms further back in order to have it at the robots center of gravity. The arm has to be at the center of gravity in order for the climb to be successful. Right now we are in the process of attaching the chains to the sprockets that will turn our arm. We just added an adjustable feature to our “Big Nasty” gearbox that will allow us to tighten our chains without cutting them.IMG_2256

Bumper Team Update

Right now, we have all the structures of the bumpers finished. We have double checked if they are level and fit just right. They seem like they are just how we want them. All we need to do to complete the bumpers is to make a cover for them. This will be a challenging task, but we can definitely get it done.IMG_2284

Captains Volunteer at FLL


This past weekend, four members of our robotics team took part in spreading a love of science, math, and engineering to elementary and middle school students. Team Captains Hayley Lewis, Adrian Farmer, Manny Ceruto, and Dugan Dotson traveled down to Orlando, Florida to volunteer at a FIRST Lego League Competition.